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Are you an apartment community manager or real estate agent/firm that wants to leverage social media to market your business but not sure where to start?  We’ll get you started with 30 days of social media posting ideas to engage your audience!

“People convert at a 125% higher rate when social media is a part of the buyer’s cycle.” -Digital Marketing Summit 2017 @AnnieG

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20+ years of experience in Property Management and Real Estate taught me you have to do something different than the competition to stand out.

Of course, right?  But in today’s world of technology and social media, how do you do that?  My name is Kelly Thomas and I started Pickle Bird Media to give real estate professionals the tools to stand out on social media and uniquely market their apartment communities and real estate businesses. Don’t you want to be #EXTRA this year and STAND OUT?

I managed and oversaw marketing for a $$$$ portfolio of high-end apartment communities during my career and I’m also a licensed real estate agent.  I’ve taken all my years of real estate experience and blended it with social media to make a BIG impact.

Do you ever wonder why you’re posting regularly to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts but you’re never gaining more followers or likes?  It’s because you’re not engaging with your audience and posting quality content that they want to interact with.

You need tools - and we can help!  We partner with apartment communities and real estate offices to show you where to find the best content to post, how to save time by scheduling your posts and encourage your followers to post their own content that will be authentic and help you connect with your clients.  Hashtags??  #wevegotyoucovered and can share all of our favorite apps to get the job done.

We want you to be successful on social media and find ways to market your business that your competition doesn’t even know about.  You need help with what to post, when to post and how to encourage people to interact with your post. Let us help, c’mon, we’re helpers.  Just click below to get started!